We are a law firm and offer Quit Claim Deed services in cases where a change of ownership is all that is occurring. Our charge for a Quit Claim Deed is a $295.00 flat fee paid in advance of the deed being prepared. This includes all recording fees to the Recorder of Deeds office for filing the Quit Claim Deed. Payment is made directly to FSBO Midwest via My Case Client Management Software which provides for a secure and unique client portal that is encrypted for electronic payment.

Quit Claim Deeds must be notarized, therefore the Deed is prepared by our office, and e-mailed to you. You print out the Quit Claim Deed, take to a Notary and sign. You then mail our office the original signed Quit Claim Deed for recording. Our office files the Quit Claim Deed with the Recorder of Deeds office. After the Deed is recorded, we mail you the original filed Quit Claim Deed via regular mail to retain for your records.

We can normally prepare a Quit Claim Deed within 48 hours of receipt of payment and information.

$25.00-$45.00 Administrative Fee depending on Notary Service