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11 Questions to Ask If You’re Thinking “FSBO”

When the time comes that you decide you want to sell your home, the question you might ask yourself is, “Should I list my home with a Realtor or try to sell it myself?”

The choice is yours. However, we wanted to give you 11 questions to ask yourself to help you make an educated decision.

Do you have access to accurate data regarding selling prices, square footage, floor plans and amenities of other homes that have sold in your surrounding area within the last 6 months?
Do you know how long it has been taking to sell a home in your area?
Will you be available to answer phone calls and show your home to prospective buyers?
Will you be able to screen prospects to make sure they are qualified (or worse yet, thieves)?
Do you have a plan to market your home so people know it’s for sale?
Can you handle criticism if negative comments are made about your home?
Are you able to negotiate the highest sales price—either on the phone or face-to-face?
Do you have access to purchase contracts and all state-required disclosures?
Do you know how to obtain title insurance, deeds and any other legal documents needed to transfer ownership?
Will you be available to meet appraisers, inspectors and contractors during the process?
Do you understand all the fees you will be charged at closing and exactly how much you will end up with?